How can I recognize great service?

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When frontline employees provide exceptional customer service, there are various ways to reward them.

For American Airlines, top-tier frequent flyers under the AAdvantage program receive 6 certificates per year to award to employees. More commonly known as Above & Beyond Many Thanks, these certificates can be handed to employees which can then be redeemed through American Airlines’ Jetnet system. You can always request more certificates by calling ACS.

The certificates can be given to any type of employee, whether that be a Flight Attendant, a gate agent, a reservations agent via phone, an Admirals Club agent, or the AAdvantage desk. Employees are then entered into a quarterly raffle to win various prizes, and of course, get recognized by receiving a certificate. Those certificates are also converted into points (each is worth 100 points) and the points can be redeemed for gift cards and other cool rewards.

Since some flights are operated by other carriers, there are some limitations on who can redeem them. Certificates can be redeemed by employees on flights operated by:

  • Mainline
  • Envoy
  • PSA
  • Piedmont

Employees on the following regional carriers are not eligible to redeem certificates:

  • Mesa
  • Republic
  • SkyWest

While employees on the above carriers are not eligible for recognition certificates, there are other ways to recognize these employees. For example, you can use the customer relations form on to send in your compliments. Although not as effective, you can tweet @AmericanAir with the flight number, employee name, and compliment.

By writing in, the compliment is forwarded to the recognized individual’s management. Their management can then award higher point values based on the compliment. This is known as a “Spot On” and can be worth substantially more than a regular A&B certificate.

Lastly, there are other ways to recognize all employees regardless if they’re eligible for certificates such as bringing gift cards to Starbucks or Amazon. And of course, you can always write a letter to customer relations.

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